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Tax Status

Tyndale House Foundation only funds organizations that have United States Federal Tax Exempt Status. On your application, you will be asked to provide your FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number) which is available on the IRS letter granting you Tax Exempt Status. To view an example of an IRS Tax Determination Letter, click here.

Eligibility Quiz

Every year your application will start with an Eligibility Quiz. The quiz will route you to the correct form and help you determine if your project focus fits within our priorities. At the end of the quiz you may receive the message “Your responses to the quiz questions have indicated that your proposal most likely does not meet our guidelines.” If you feel you have received this response in error you can contact us with questions.

U.S. Application Form

The U.S. application form is for:

  • projects located in the United States.
  • projects that are overseas but implemented and managed by the U.S. Organization. An example would be a conference or training event that is planned and managed in the U.S. but actually takes place overseas.

The application is typically filled out by the U.S. Organization staff and should not include overseas leadership information.

Gathering Your Information to Prepare to Fill Out Your Application

Download this quick list of items you will be asked to provide on the application. You may want to use this document to collect text to copy and paste into the online application at a later date. This will save you time and also prevent loss of information in case anything happens to your online application.

Download the PDF  Version of the U.S. Application to view the details of the online application


After preparing to fill out your application you will need to set up a new applicant account or log in to your existing account. You will access a new Eligibility Quiz and Application on your “My Account Page”. To read more about managing your account and instructions on how to use the application form click here.