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Tax Status

Tyndale House Foundation only funds organizations that have United States Federal Tax Exempt Status. When you request to register to the Tyndale House Foundation Grants Portal, you will be asked to provide your FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number) which is available on the IRS letter granting you Tax Exempt Status.

U.S. Applications

Applications from the United States are for:

  • projects located in the United States.
  • projects that are overseas but implemented and managed by the U.S. Organization. Example: a conference or training event that is planned and managed in the U.S. but actually takes place overseas.

We recommend the U.S. Organization staff fill out the application.  Overseas leadership would probably not need to access the account.

Gathering Your Information to Prepare to Fill Out Your Application

Download the reference list below of  items you will be asked to provide on the application. These  documents can be used to collect text to copy and paste into the online application at a later date.


If this is your first time applying to Tyndale House Foundation you will need to  fill out a registration form to request access to the grants portal. If you already have an account you can simply log in. In both cases, you can then begin a new application. To read more about using the grants portal, click here.