Funding Guidelines

Because resources are limited, and we receive many more requests than we can fund, the Foundation has very specifically defined interest areas of endeavor.

  • Christian Literature

  • Other Evangelical Work

  • Local Ministry Programs

Christian Literature

The Foundation seeks to encourage the production and distribution of Bibles, teaching materials, magazines, and other Christian literature. It seeks to support programs that are initiated by and that provide training and experience for nationals in many lands. In today’s digital environment, it also considers various other media in this category such as radio, TV, websites, digital publishing and education.

Other Evangelical Work

The Foundation seeks to support programs that challenge others to take an active ongoing role in the proposed project. It seeks to support training and leadership development. The Foundation rarely contributes to building projects, libraries, individual scholarships, or personnel support.

Local Ministry Programs

Because the Foundation is located in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan area, it has a commitment to help support programs in our local community by making a limited number of grants in this area.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

How do you accept grant applications?

We receive all grant applications online. Please review the content on our website before working on your application. It is full of information that will make the process run more smoothly. If you do not have access to the technology to do this, you can contact us and we will try to work something out. Read More

Can I submit my application any time?

No! Our submission deadline is December 1st of each year. Online applications are open between September 15th and December 1st. You are welcome to review our process and look at the PDF versions of our application forms at any time. These are for viewing and preparing only. Please DO NOT fill out to mail or e-mail to us. They will not be accepted.

What is the deadline for submitting grant applications?

December 1st of each year is the deadline for applications to be considered the upcoming spring.

Can I submit more than one application?

Submit only ONE application. Multiple projects must be combined into one application. Staff would be happy to discuss your application with you. If you would like to give information regarding more than one project, please clearly name and list each project and combine the separate information for each of them into one document or text box for each question in the application form. Some examples – in your executive summary include the “project title” for each project and tell us why you are including multiple projects. When you attach the budget, be sure it clearly details the budget for each project under separate project name headings. If you act as a Fiscal Sponsor, you may submit one application for your own project and one application for each overseas organization for which you serve as Sponsor.

How much should I ask for?

The sizes of our grants vary widely. If you are new to us, or are a beginning ministry, we might consider a $5,000 to $10,000 gift as we get to know each other. If we have been working with you for many years and your project is specifically within our interest areas, we might make a grant of $50,000 or more. The bulk of our grant making falls in the range of $10,000 to $25,000.

Do you make multi year grants?

We do not make grant commitments spread over multiple years. You need to file an application each year to update us on your project.  Your grant request amount should reflect the funds required for that year’s budget only. We realize that most projects involve many years of preparation and execution. You should include the long-range background and scope.  An updated application each year keeps us communicating and helps us track your progress.

Would you consider a request from my organization several years in a row?

We often partner with an organization over a long period of time if its projects are consistently within our program areas. However, we do not want to foster dependency on our funding so we will skip a year from time to time. For an organization to be healthy it needs to build a strong base of funding from multiple sources.

What is a Matching Grant?

The Foundation has determined from experience that a matching grant is doubly valuable to the receiving organization. It provides the funds needed for the project at hand, and also challenges others to give more generously. It might help you develop new funding sources if we enter into a contract with you to match each dollar you raise by an agreed upon date. These funds must come in response to the specific appeal for the project we are helping you fund. Please DO NOT identify us in any public appeal you might make.

How many grants do you make each year?

In 2014, 2015, and 2016 we disbursed between 250 and 300 grants each year.