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Application Deadline

Our submission deadline is December 1st of each year. The online applications are open between September 1st and our December 1st deadline. You are welcome to review our process and request an account to our grants portal at any time.

Multiple Projects

Please do not submit multiple proposals for separate projects.  In some cases we may consider funding the “mission” of your organization.  You can demonstrate how your work fulfills that mission by providing information on various projects.  Separate project descriptions and budgets should be clearly outlined under separate headings. Please contact us if you have further questions. Example: development of literature in various languages, or support of several publishing houses in different countries. 

You may act as a Fiscal Sponsor for one or more other organizations overseas. You may also have your own project that you would like to submit. Be assured that we clearly track which project is yours and which projects are from the overseas organizations that you sponsor. Your proposal will stand alone and will not be penalized in any way. For your project you will fill out the application form for a U.S. Tax Exempt Organization. The overseas organization for which you act as a Fiscal Sponsor will fill out a separate application form. As a Fiscal Sponsor you will have access to the overseas application in your account to fill out the U.S. portion of the form.

Completing your application as a team

Each individual contact on your grant application must register separately. Individuals including the U.S. Headquarters and Fiscal Sponsors indicated on the grant application will be able to view and edit the form from their own login. The grant application form will give you the ability to add New Users to your Organization.

Application Tips and Instructions

  • Use the Table of Contents to quickly advance to a particular section.
  • All fields in bold lettering are required.
  • Click on a section’s arrow to expand or collapse that section.
  • Print a copy of this form by first selecting the Save button (if in Edit mode) at the bottom right corner of the form, then select the Print icon at the top right.
  • Save often at the bottom right corner of the form (Click Edit at the top right corner to re-open the form).
  • When you have completed your application, carefully review your entries and click Submit at the bottom right corner.
  • If you need to make edits to a request already submitted please contact us.
  • During our review process, we may contact you if edits are necessary or if additional information is needed. An email notification will be sent to the Primary Contact for the Request.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit my application any time?

No! Our submission deadline is December 1st of each year. The online applications are open between September 1st and our December 1st deadline.

What is the deadline for submitting grant applications?

December 1st of each year is the deadline for applications to be considered the upcoming spring

Can I submit more than one application?

Submit only ONE application. Multiple projects must be combined into one application. Staff would be happy to discuss your application with you. If you would like to give information regarding more than one project, please clearly name and list each project and combine the separate information for each of them into one document or text box for each question in the application form. Some examples – in your executive summary include the “project title” for each project and tell us why you are including multiple projects. When you attach the budget, be sure it clearly details the budget for each project under separate project name headings. . If you act as a Fiscal Sponsor, you may submit one application for your own project and one application for each overseas organization for which you serve as Sponsor.

How much should I ask for?

The sizes of our grants vary widely. If you are new to us, or are a beginning ministry, we might consider a $5,000 to $10,000 gift as we get to know each other. If we have been working with you for many years and your project is specifically within our interest areas, we might make a grant of $50,000 or more. The bulk of our grant making falls in the range of $10,000 to $25,000.

What do I do if all the required documents are not ready by December 1st?

In some cases your annual report, audit or financial statements may not be available by the December 1st deadline. In each case, attach a word document to the appropriate application question noting when it will be ready. When it is available, email it to us with an explanation that it is a “late” attachment to be added to your proposal. The email should clearly state your organization name, project title and application ID#.