Tyndale House Foundation only sends funds to organizations that have United States Federal Tax Exempt Status. On the application, you will be asked to provide your FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number) which is available on the IRS letter granting you Tax Exempt Status. Although overseas organizations may have tax exempt status in their own country this does not satisfy the requirements U.S. tax law places on Tyndale House Foundation.

We fund projects located in the United States and Overseas. It is very important that you choose the correct application form for your circumstances.  Because so much of our funding goes overseas, it is critical for us to understand the relationship of the Overseas Project and the U.S. Tax Exempt Organization and to have full information for the overseas contacts.

  • Choose this if...
    • your project is located in the United States.
    • your project takes place overseas but is implemented and managed by the U.S. Organization. An example would be a conference or training event that is planned and managed in the U.S. but actually takes place overseas.
  • Choose this if...
    • your project is overseas and is implemented by the leadership located overseas which has a U.S. Tax Exempt Headquarters.
    • your project is overseas and is implemented by the leadership located overseas which is a subsidiary of the U.S. Tax Exempt Organization.
    • your project is overseas and is implemented by an organization located overseas with its own governing board and administration. The overseas organization has a relationship with a U.S. Fiscal Sponsor.

Note: all of these circumstances include leadership that is in the field overseas that works closely with the project. If your project is managed by the U.S. Organization staff but takes place overseas, choose the U.S. Application Information.

Which application do I use if my project takes place overseas but I don’t have an office or leadership overseas? Instead, the project is implemented from the United States.

Please use the U.S. Application.

What if there is a security risk concerning overseas leadership working closely with the project?

Please use the U.S. Application and contact us to discuss it.